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Get the Red Out brings the community together

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  • People of the Warrensburg community gather on Holden Street at Get the Red Out. (Photos by Molly Burnam/Photo Editor)
  • UCM students laugh and smile as they celebrate with face paint.
  • A Get the Red Out attendee tosses a ball at cup to win a prize at one of the booths.
  • UCM cheerleader Rylie Michael talking to a Get the Red Out attendee.
  • Twister Sports athlete shows off her one-handed front walkover.
  • A Get the Red Out attendee tries to decipher picture to win a prize.
  • A street fair attendee attempts to dunk a basketball as UCM's basketball teams cheer him on.
  • Members of the Center Stage academy tap dance their way into Get the Red Out.
  • A UCM student plays cornhole to win a frozen pop from Christian Campus House.
  • A girl receives beads as a prize at one of the tables.
  • Girl shows off her outfit for Get the Red Out.
  • Girl stands in awe of meeting the UCM cheerleaders.
  • UCM students roll dice to try to win a prize.
  • Chick-fil-A's mascot stands to rep their slogan, "Eat mor chikin."
  • Potential future UCM cheerleader hands back pompoms to UCM cheerleader Riley Michael after dancing to a song.
  • A Warrensburg firefighter dances with Warrensburg citizens.
  • UCM student paints a heart on a girl's cheek.
  • Girl completes 25 pushups to win a prize.
  • UCM student shoots hoops with the UCM basketball teams.
  • UCM student paints on girl's hand.
  • UCM's Mulekickers walk up and down Holden Street to "Get the Red Out."
  • Dog walks Holden Street wearing a Mules jersey.
  • Girl plays cornhole to win a prize.
  • Girl finishes getting her face painted before the football game.
  • Get the Red Out features real-life UCM mascots.
On Sept. 6, Get the Red Out brought UCM and the Warrensburg community together with food, drinks, prizes, performances and activities.

The community dressed in all red to show their school spirit and get pumped for the Mules football game.

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