City identifies sewer billing errors

The city of Warrensburg recently sent out its first wave of bills and some errors made their way into the bills, according to a news release.

Three types of errors have been identified:

Improper averaging: The old and new service vendors are working together to determine the root error. It is possible that previously established averages on the former water bills were incorrect, according to the news release.

Lifeline: Many accounts did not show usage for all three of the winter months (January, February and March) so default values were billed rather than winter averaging. The data will be reviewed to verify values.

Property Owners/Landlords receiving multiple bills for tenants: Multiple account numbers associated with the same premise number resulted in landlords receiving a bill for all properties owned, regardless of tenancy, where the tenant is responsible for the sewer bill.

Tenants were issued bills as well. Landlords may disregard the errant bills. However, landlords should be billed for vacant properties and are responsible for the amount billed. The new billing service continues to isolate these accounts and make adjustments to the programming so that this will not occur again.

The city is working to resolve all concerns and will have bills reissued, as needed, according to the news release.

Contact Customer Service at 800-955-6598 regarding any sewer billing questions or concerns. Also, contact City Hall at 747-9131 if you are experiencing difficulty with the Customer Service number.