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A Journey to Pakistan


(WARRENSBURG, Mo., digitalBURG) — Hello there. I was able to go to an event called “A Journey to Pakistan” on Wednesday, October 26. This event was very interesting with a warm, vibrant culture and showed some unique aspects of Pakistan. Five Pakistani UCM students gave a presentation about Pakistan and followed it with cultural food, cultural dance, henna tattoos, and a question and answer session.

This country is still a poor place with its economy, but it has beautiful lakes and the land there is very heartwarming.

I got a henna tattoo and saw how beautiful the country is. I learned that the women wear vibrant colors on their traditional dresses and wear head pieces to protect their heads from the sun. The men wear nice button-down shirts and nice work pants and also wear head pieces to also protect their heads from the sun.

All of the traditional decorated plates and goodies they had were covered with beads and streamers. The Pakistani people are really nice and are very smart with computers. I learned that they have a mountain that has one of the highest peaks in the world besides Mount Everest.

I also learned that there are 132 institutions, 72 public universities and 59 private universities located in Pakistan. Many Pakistani women get degrees and then get a job as soon as possible.

Also at this event there was cultural dancing, which is fast-paced dancing and they had a lot of hand moving in their dance moves. The song they danced to is a traditional song from their hometown. Their national anthem was a unique sound and an unexpected beat of the song. Overall, I think Pakistan is a place where you can experience new and unexpected things. I think this event showcased a lot of Pakistan. I can’t wait to see this country in person. The students did a fantastic job of capturing the beautiful country of Pakistan.

Annemarie Carrigan is a THRIVE intern reporting for the Muleskinner. THRIVE is a two-year program to help intellectually-or-developmentally-challenged young adults build skills for transitioning from home to independence.

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