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Avengers: Infinity War (Holy Crap)

If I could summarize what I felt when leaving the theater in two words it would be: Holy crap. This movies is amazing. Go see it now. Don’t read this, just go see it. Forget about your finals and your college grades, it doesn’t matter if you fail. Go see “Avengers: Infinity War” now.

After having the chance to calm down, start below.

“Infinity War” is the third film in the Avengers series. Much like “The Avengers” did, almost every hero from the Marvel Cinematic Universe is onscreen to battle their greatest enemy yet, Thanos.

Thanos is an alien conqueror with one goal: find all six Infinity Stones. These are gems, which are present throughout previous MCU movies, that each contains unlimited power. With all six combined, Thanos will use them to erase half of all life in the universe – no pressure, right?

First off, I take back what I said about “Captain America: Civil War.” At this point, “Infinity War” has the best fights scenes of MCU. Not only will one fight be going on, but another one will too at the same time. The battle for Wakunda is even more epic than in the trailers.

What is truly the best part of “Infinity War” is not just the fighting scenes, but also all of the characters on screen. Seeing them interact with each other as they make jokes and fight side-by-side is very enjoyable. You get almost every superhero of the MCU: Iron Man, Captain America, Dr. Strange, Spider-Man, and the Guardians of the Galaxy to name just a few. There are even some appearances of characters you didn’t get to see in “Infinity War.”

This movie has a larger cast than any other Marvel film before it. The movie was still able to balance out the characters, preventing this extremely hyped movie from being a train wreck. Another certain blockbuster Disney franchise should be taking notes right now – I think you can guess which one.

Honestly, it’s incredible the filmmakers could get all of these actors, some of which are big names, to star in this movie. But with that said, not everyone is present for the fight to save the universe. Both Ant-Man and Hawkeye are absent –  oh, well. The movie couldn’t be completely perfect.

Now one of the biggest questions that fans had for “Infinity War” was who was going to die? Everyone, including myself, was preparing ourselves for the sad moment when a beloved character would come to pass – and if that didn’t happen, we would be very angry.

I’ll admit, I was actually saddened as seeing some characters go. But having seen this movie, I refuse to spoil it. Do some characters bite the dust? Yes, but I will not say. Well, some characters are brought back to life, probably. It happens all the time in comic books.

Of course, I do have some criticism. My only real complaint would be about the comedy. Sometimes the comedy is genuinely funny and feels natural, but other times it can be kind of forced. There is also some obvious product placement – although that probably helped pay for all the actors and special effects.

A major complaint against the MCU is its lack of good villains, which I agree with. Thanos is played by actor Josh Brolin, best known for his roles “No Country for Old Men” and “Milk.” He will also soon be seen in “Deadpool 2” as Cable, in which he will probably be made fun of by Deadpool for being in two Marvel movies back-to-back.

Thanos is an interesting villain: he’s both intimating and complex. I enjoyed how there was almost a sensitive side to him, but I did wish he spent more time being villainous.

With that said, I do appreciate this movie having big action scenes and emotional moments as well. This is a superhero blockbuster that is willing to put time aside from the explosions and focus on characters facing hardship. Sometimes it can feel that other MCU films don’t have much emotional depth to their stories, but “Infinity War” is not one of them.

In my last article, I wrote a list of my top ten best MCU movies. If I could re-write it, “Avengers: Infinity War” would definitely be there. To be honest – even though I have only seen the film recently – I would say that “Infinity War” might be number one.

This movie is outstanding. It had good characters, action, comedy and even some heart. Before seeing this movie a friend of mine describe it as the “Empire Strikes Back” of this generation. While it may not be a complete masterpiece, I do agree with that comparison. Like Empire, I hope this movie stays beloved long after the hype has died down, aging like fine wine. It was a great entry from MCU and the superhero genre as a whole.

It’s a shame that the next “Avengers” movie doesn’t come out for another year because I want to watch it right now. I understand why this movie’s original title was “Avengers: Infinity War – Part 1,” it feels very much like a part one and two story.

Congratulations to the Russo brothers, too. The three MCU movies they have directed, including this one, are all some of the best films in the franchise – with the two other movies being “Captain America: Winter Soldier” and “Captain America: Civil War.” All of which made my top ten, which I’m looking forward to reworking for the next part.

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