Be proactive, Warrensburg.

(WARRENSBURG, Mo.) – It’s easy to ask for things of our governing body, and it’s easy to point out what’s going on that is either wrong or what could be better.

However, it’s hard sometimes to remember there are systems in place by which citizens can communicate their needs and ideas to our governing bodies.

Warrensburg has a five-member City Council that works with the city manager to address things they feel need to be addressed.

“They will worry about things they are aware of,” said Harold Stewart, Warrensburg’s city manager.

How does one make them aware of such things?

“Come to a City Council meeting,” he said. “They will listen.”

It’s so simple.

The Council meets at 7 p.m. every second and fourth Monday of the month at the City Council Chambers, located at 200 S. Holden St.

Contact one of the city council members to have something added to the meeting’s agenda. Have something on your mind that you didn’t get on the agenda? Show up anyway, and you can sign up to speak at the table right inside the Council Chambers.

This doesn’t just apply to litter. But it can apply to litter.

Again, identifying the problem can be easy. And, sometimes, finding a solution can be hard. But it isn’t solely the responsibility of the people that govern the city to provide solutions.

Especially if they don’t know that you feel it is a problem.

I’ve lived in Warrensburg since 1989, and I’m a little embarrassed that I just figured out how simple it is for anyone to work with the city on anything they feel is important.

If this (or anything, really) is important to you, you should stop by and bring it up. They can’t fix something they don’t know is broken.

If enough people tell them it’s broken, they may be inclined to fix it a little faster.

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