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Blogs from a quarantined college student: Week two

Monday, March 23rd, 2020 

Just another day

As much as I love the rain, I would LOVE for some sunshine right about now. This weather is terribly dismal at this point and I would really enjoy some warmer weather so I could get outside this week. I’d love to spend some quality time repotting my plants.

Today, I got to cross another thing off my list. I tried yoga! I found a 30-day video series that seems pretty nice, so I think I’ll try to stick with it for the time being. Though it was a little difficult (speaking as someone that lacks upper body strength and flexibility), I really liked the challenge it posed. I’ve also been trying to keep up some regular exercises to maintain my general health and not be a lazy bum all the time. 🙂

In another very unrelated news, I have been working more on a playlist for my book series, but that’s far from finished (side note: if you have not read “The Illuminae Files,” READ THEM).

I hope this week brings about some good news for all of us. It’s probably wishful thinking, but maybe this “Stay at Home” order will really make a difference.

Please stay happy and healthy!!

-Maddy 😀


Tuesday, March 24th, 2020

A little bit different

Today, I realized that I am not actually within the confines of the “Stay at Home” order. The order covers Jackson County and I live in Johnson, so I ran a couple errands today.

I’ll admit, I don’t like seeing everything so empty, but I know that it is really important that we all stay home (I kind of messed that up today, huh?). If we all just do what we need to, this will all be over so much quicker.

In other news, inspiration struck me today. I had an idea for a short (or maybe longer) film. The idea really came out of nowhere, though I suspect my current book obsession may have contributed a little. The idea and the book are both about space travel, corruption, war, love, heartbreak— you get the concept. I’ve been writing about it nonstop and even got one of my digital media friends (one of my best friends, actually) interested, too! Who knows where it’ll go, but at least it’s something to invest energy into.

That’s mostly it for today. I hope you’re all doing well and staying safe!

-Maddy ;D


Friday, March 27th, 2020

Feeling a little stressed

I haven’t been in the mood to write much these past couple of days. I wish I was, but I’ve just had a lot on my mind. Here are my thoughts:

I can slowly feel some worries rising as the start of classes come around. A lot of my courses this semester are heavily lecture-based, which means that all of my vitally important lectures are now nonexistent. It’s definitely intimidating to try to navigate my classes virtually, especially as a freshman (technically a sophomore, but it’s my first year at UCM). I know that I have the support of my professors and family to help me succeed. It’s a little scary, though.

I will move out of my dorm tomorrow. Definitely a bit of a downer. Don’t get me wrong, I love coming home from school. I came home every weekend. My family is really close and being home helps me relax and unwind from every stressful thing that happened during the week. I wish I could have been able to experience more of college, though.

Last semester, I was really focused on my studies. I’ve always strived for A’s and did the best I could. I kinda forgot to let myself just be a college student. This semester, I was really trying to change that mindset. I hung out with friends more (while keeping up with schoolwork) and I loved how things were going. It really sucks that those opportunities are gone now.

I know there are worse things to be upset about. People are sick and life is scary right now. I’m not trying to make those seem minimal compared to my feelings at the moment. This is just where I’m at right now. I feel a little saddened by the way my second semester of college is going.

I mean, there’s nothing I can do about it except try to make the best of it.



Saturday, March 28th, 2020

Moved out

I finally got moved out of college today, thanks to some massive help from my family. It’s definitely a bittersweet feeling.

The next challenge on my list is to put my room back together now that I have a lot of stuff filling my room. Earlier in the week, I cleaned out my room and donated a bunch of old stuff I didn’t need or want anymore. I’m really glad I did because it definitely cleared up some much needed space.

There’s not much to talk about today, either. I hope the weather starts to get nicer. Today was definitely pretty, except for the killer winds.

I hope you’re all doing well!

-Maddy 🙂


Sunday, March 29th, 2020

Lazy Sunday

On this beautiful, lounge-around-the-house Sunday, I feel like I have been productive. I helped my mom reorganize part of our pantry, I cleared out a good chunk of all the college stuff piled in my bedroom, and my family and I finished the season of one of our favorite shows, “Top Chef.”

There’s still a lot I want to get done, especially cleaning, but it’s also really nice to merely lay around the house and hang out with my family. The weekends are the best part about quarantine, since all of the family is home and there’s nowhere to be. I will admit, it feels wrong to have all this free time on our hands. At the very least we would go to church, but even those services are cancelled.

Quarantine isn’t all too bad, in all honesty. It’s given me the extra time to invest in things I don’t normally get to, whether it’s yoga, reading, writing, or self-care. I hope it ends soon, though. I would love the idea of having a normal Easter Sunday, as wishful as that sounds.

I hope this lazy Sunday has allowed you to relax and get ready for the week ahead.


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