Community takes part in tailgating before UCM Fall Classic

(WARRENSBURG, Mo.) – University of Central Missouri students came from far and wide to witness and enjoy tailgating and this year’s UCM Fall Classic versus Northwest Missouri State University at Arrowhead Stadium.

Some UCM fans said tailgating has been anticipated more than the actual game.

“I graduated two years ago but I still come back and tailgate with my old friends and teammates,” Joseph Holland, UCM Alumni said.

Students came in trucks, SUV’s and even school buses to have fun and support their team. Many students said it’s the best part of the game day experience, “getting pumped and having a few beers and ready to win,” senior agriculture major said who wishes not to be named.

Tailgating is a popular event among many college students at universities nationwide before games that usually consist of drinking, games, barbecue and music. However, many students said tailgating at Arrowhead is an experience of its very own. There were hundreds of students, alumni, and residents of Warrensburg that came out to celebrate and cheer on the mules. Driving through the parking arena all that was visible was crowds of happy tailgaters dressed in red, white or black.

“I’ve been to several football games and even to the Classic before but never seen a tailgate like this one,” said Bryce Bradford, an alumni of UCM from Kansas City, Missouri.

Many tailgaters throughout the parking lot agreed that tailgating brings the crowd together before the game.

“Tailgating is something I do before most big games and I just love coming out and getting hype with my friends for the game,” said a sophomore education major who wishes not to be named. The mules played a tough game but lost 24-20 to the bearcats in the final minutes of the game.

Some students were still seen happy and smiling after the game even though UCM did not win. The mules threw an interception in the final quarter and lost by a touchdown and extra point field goal.

“It was still a great day and fun as hell” a girl said walking through a crowd of friends and other UCM fans.

Tailgating at the UCM Fall Classic was a great experience and students continuously come back year after year to join each other in the tailgating experience at Arrowhead.

“I don’t care how many years ago I graduated, I’ll definitely be back for this” Bradford said.

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