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‘Delizioso’ changes affecting SPIN! Pizza

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SPIN! Neapolitan Pizza has been undergoing transition – changing their menu and even their name.

In addition to dropping the “Neapolitan” from their name, SPIN! Pizza has overhauled its menu by changing item names and adding new items. The pizzeria also started offering larger sizes and changed its wine program.

The largest transition for the restaurant is converting their old, hard-to-pronounce Italian menu item names to easier English substitutes. For instance, instead of ordering a “formaggi semplice,” you can simply order a cheese pizza.

SPIN! has also added some new menu items to complement their older items. The Double Pepperoni pizza features the restaurant’s new zesty red sauce, which is a mixture of their white and red sauces.

Additions to the menu also include two new sandwiches, which replace the sandwiches on the old menu. A new salad was also introduced.

The wine program was also overhauled, with the introduction of the “Bring Your Own Vino” program.

“We’re serving (wine) by the glass and the carafe,” said Sara Carhart, area director for SPIN! Pizza. “So we’ve kind of taken the bottles out of the restaurant.”

Carhart said the BYOV program will allow customers to bring their own bottles of wine to the restaurant for a $5 corking fee.

SPIN! is also offering larger sizes, with a 14-inch pizza and larger gelato offerings for parties and catering.

SPIN! is located at The Crossing – South at Holden and is open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday. More information, including their updated menu, is available at their website at www.spinpizza.com.

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