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Muleskinner Vol. 112, Issue 14

The Muleskinner will return at the beginning of the Spring 2018 semester.

In this issue, Nov. 30 – Jan 17:

Page 3 > News

Board members serving expired terms feel sense of duty

Campus Cupboard thrives with help from the community

Page 4 > Lifestyle

Military challenge coins: a priceless unofficial tradition

Page 5 > Lifestyle

Faces of UCM: Vernon Percy ‘VP’ Howard III

Page 6 > Analysis

NFL protest

Page 8 > Centerfold

NFL protest

Page 10 > Opinion

An overview: ‘Star Wars’

Page 11 > Opinion

A review: ‘Justice League’

Page 12 > Sports

Undefeated Jennies soccer makes first trip to Final Four

Page 14 > Sports

Sports updates: Vol. 112 Issue 14


Issue 11/30

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