Nacho average group: The Nacho Society

Ron Bowman, member of the Nacho Society, writes his ratings on the scorecard while eating his nachos. (Photo by Kaitlin Brothers / News Editor)

Have you ever wanted to officially rate nachos at restaurants? You can.

The Nacho Society is a group based out of Warrensburg that rates nachos for fun from local restaurants.

Their official scorecard has different topics rated on a scale from 1 to 10: the wait time of delivery, the price ratio to the portion, the meat and chip quality, the presentation of the nachos, the temperature of the meat and cheese, the flavor, service and more.

“There’s no right or wrong way of voting,” said Alice Kriener, “CEO” (she jokes) and founder of the Nacho Society.

Alice Kriener, CEO of the Nacho Society, enjoys her “Supreme Nachos” from Reflections on Pine and gave them an overall rating of 9.3. (Photo by Kaitlin Brothers / News Editor)

Kriener, a hair stylist at Eclips Salon in Warrensburg, said she started the Nacho Society in 2013 and has had about 200 likes on Facebook since then.

The Nacho Society creates events on Facebook for the “meetings” and they all decide on a restaurant. Kriener said the Nacho Society used to get together once a month, but they have been taking a break. She said she would like them to start getting together more often again and continue the tradition.

They have been to RibCrib, Traditions at Pertle Springs, Applebee’s, Fitter’s Pub, Copper Coyote, Cancun, Muddy Creek BBQ & Honky Tonk, Old Barney’s, El Espolon and more.

Kriener said she and Nichelle Newberry, a member of the Nacho Society and a registered nurse, started this organization as an excuse after work to eat and have drinks. But they had a lot of fun analyzing the nachos and wanted to keep doing it.

Kriener said once they started inviting people and made the Facebook page, the group gained interest from the community and became more official.

“We ordered a couple adult drinks and then we ordered a side of nachos and they were piss-poor,” Kriener said. “We nitpicked them apart and we had so much fun. We did it again and invited a couple more people…our group got bigger and bigger.”

The biggest Nacho Society meeting was at Rib Crib in 2013 with 22 members there to critique the nachos.

Kriener said the Nacho Society is a fun way for her to meet new people in the community.

“We go around and introduce ourselves…(we) just make a lot of friends,” she said.

Newberry said she has met a lot of friends through the group with different backgrounds, from doctors to farmers to hair salon workers.

The Nacho Society met at Reflections on Pine on Oct. 15. (Bottom left) Nichelle Newberry, (top left) Ron Bowman, (top right) Alicia McKay, (bottom right) Alice Kriener. (Photo by Kaitlin Brothers / News Editor)

“It’s great networking,” Newberry said. “And you get to meet everybody of different ages, hear their stories.”

Kriener said when the group wanted to go to Old Barney’s, they called ahead to see if they sold nachos. Old Barney’s didn’t, but once she said they were the Nacho Society, they made two nacho dishes just for them.

“They got extra bonus points for that,” Kriener said.

Alicia McKay, Nacho Society member, said she loves to network with people in the group of all ages and professions.

“It’s fun and it’s every age group, obviously, and every walk of life,” she said. “Everybody’s included.”

Kriener and McKay said they recommend Tradition’s “Supreme Nachos.” Kriener gave the dish a high score of 9.3 out of 10.

Kriener said Old Barney’s and The Granary were her favorite places for nachos but as for the Nacho Society’s favorite as a whole, it all depends on how much fun they had rating together so the answer may be unknown.

To join the group and rate nachos yourself, like their Facebook page, Nacho Society.

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