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Old Drum Coffeehouse has new owner

(WARRENSBURG, Mo.) – The Old Drum Coffeehouse and Bakery held a celebration ceremony for the transferring of owners Friday, September 29.

The coffeehouse and bakery was founded by Beth Weigand Cost in 2012, and she decided to pass down the tradition after five years.

“I started this bakery with my grandmother’s rolling pan. I have to take that one with me, but I got one for you,” said Cost, as she passed a wood rolling pan to the bakery’s new owner, Matthew Cowan.

“I’m excited to be moving on. It’s been a long time, but I’ve really enjoyed getting to know everyone and all the good things about Warrensburg that people don’t know about,” she said,

Cowan, a former UCM graduate, bought the business. He earned a degree in biology from the College of Science and Technology in 2015. He had been an employee of the Old Drum Coffeehouse and Bakery for about 18 months, where he worked 20-30 hours a week. He learned how to operate the behind the scenes of the business, including financial responsibilities and the day-to-day upkeep of the establishment while working there.

The opportunity of owning the shop was presented after Beth mentioned to Cowan she would be selling the shop and moving to St. Joseph, Missouri. This immediately caught his attention, so he asked her if she would be interested in selling the shop to him.

Cowan knew this would be the perfect opportunity for him because of his passion for people and coffee. He said although he focused on science in school he has always been interested in the business world and has previously worked with stocks.

“I have a passion for people, and I love to get to know them and hear their stories. I also love to serve people and show them love by providing them with something that they enjoy,” said Cowan.

He will continue working in the shop, but instead of Cost, he will be the one getting up at 5 a.m. to start brewing coffee and baking goods. He’s also bringing his friend Nick along with him as his assistant to replace his position.

“I am honored to carry on the legacy that she has laid down for me, and I hope that I make you (Cost) proud and the rest of Warrensburg as I get to continue on with the tradition,” Cowan said as he accepted his new position during the ceremony.

As the shop transitions, Cowan will be making some changes. He will be introducing two new brewing methods called AeroPress and v60 to the coffee shop. They both are brewing methods used to extract coffee. Cowan described AeroPress as a mixture of French press and expresso which are also other ways of brewing coffee. In addition, he will be introducing a new coffee blend that both he and Nick created. The desserts will stay the same, but they are open to new suggestions from customers. They are also looking to extend their business hours, so that students can have other places to study and do homework.

Tracy Bratner, a frequent customer at the bakery said that she buys dozens of the flourless chocolate chip cookies and cinnamon rolls for her coworkers, and they love them.  The flourless cookies are made without flour for customers with allergies, diabetes and or other kinds of health restrictions. All the baked desserts are made from scratch, so customers can place customize orders.

“We’re sad to see Beth go, but we’re looking forward to supporting Matthew,” said Brantner, Johnson County certified economic developer executive director.

The Old Drum Coffeehouse and Bakery offers baked desserts, breakfast burritos, iced coffee, lattes, free Wi-Fi and more. Customers can place pre-orders online at The shop is open Monday through Saturday 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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