A worthy follow-up: “Doom: Eternal”

2016’s hellish shooter “Doom” is a game that knows what it is: a ludicrous, blood-pumping ride that puts the player in control of a demon-slaying/crushing/tearing/ripping/pounding juggernaut. I can say with sheer certainty that “Doom” is one of the very rare games that left my heart pounding minutes after each demon swarm. It was worth all… Read more »

Blogs from a quarantined college student: Week five

Tuesday, April 13th, 2020 Piano I think part of me wanted to minor in music because I wanted to learn more about music theory, get better at reading sheet music, counting rhythms, etc. Eventually, I decided against it, mostly because I only got two years of proper instruction over music theory in high school and… Read more »

A letter from an essential worker

I want to start this letter out by apologizing to all my professors. During this time I have not been doing my best with homework and projects because it is hard to find the time. I am trying my best to keep up with everything.  During the first week of quarantine I struggled with all… Read more »

COVID-19: An international student’s perspective

As an international student, I worry about how fast COVID-19 is spreading in the United States. I worry about how many people are not taking the necessary precautions, and most importantly how it is affecting Nigeria, my home country.  Like the rest of the world, Nigerians are reacting to the pandemic in a number of… Read more »

The future of VOD & movie theaters

Amidst the ongoing Coronavirus crisis, companies are rummaging around on how to save themselves. Restaurants are turning against dine-in, necessities are becoming more and more limited during the so-called toilet paper epidemic, and I learned just a few days ago that GameStop is somehow still in business.  Needless to say, whether we like it or… Read more »