Faces of UCM (Spring 2020-Episode 3): Roy Millen

This week on Faces of UCM we interview three-time Emmy-winning producer Roy Millen. Millen works for KMOS-TV, located on campus at the University of Central Missouri.  Millen won his awards producing Missouri Life, a travelogue program that gave its viewers a glimpse into the Show-Me State’s hidden treasures.  In addition to his documentary production, Millen… Read more »

UCM Athletics: Living the Dream – Ron DuBuque

UCM’s head athletic trainer Ron DuBuque has had a career full of fond memories and fierce battles. DuBuque, who has been UCM’s head athletic trainer since 2010, says that despite all he’s been through, he’s still “living the dream.”  DuBuque was born in Webster Groves, Missouri. His mother was a ticket seller for sporting events… Read more »

“Parasite” Review: Class and Family Warfare

“This is a metaphor.” This statement is uttered not once, but twice by young con-artist Kim Ki-woo in the 2019 hit “Parasite”. Director Bong Joon-Ho is no stranger to the metaphor. His breakout film “Memories of Murder” which comments on social policing, his creature-feature “Okja” which deals with capitalism and animal rights, as well as… Read more »

Kelli Rae Adams’ “work/study” exhibition brings change to student debt perceptions at UCM

Attending university is not a cheap endeavor in the United States. Time Magazine reports that the mean amount borrowed per student completing a four-year degree hovers around the $37k mark.  Artist Kellie Rae Adams puts this total into perspective with her “work/study” exhibit.  For Adams, this amount is hand-spun clay bowls, filled to the brim… Read more »

Making Your New Year’s Resolutions a Reality

As we enter February, more and more people are already failing their New Year’s resolutions. According to Time, the 10 most commonly broken resolutions include all the most commonly made resolutions. Odds are, if you made a resolution at all, you’ve already broken it. US News and World Report found that, last year, the failure… Read more »