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Sinkhole forms on South Main Street

Workers from the Warrensburg Street Department set up netting around a sinkhole that formed on South Main Street. (Photo by Jason Brown/Managing Editor)

A section of South Main Street is closed after a sinkhole opened up on a culvert.

Photo by Jason Brown/Managing Editor

The sinkhole has been dug out by the Warrensburg Street Department as they begin to repair the road.

Marvin Coleman, director of public works, said the sinkhole is located directly south of Crane Stadium and Brookside Apartments.

He said the hole formed after a joint in the culvert failed, causing water and soil to escape through the crack. The escaped soil eventually led to the formation of the sinkhole.

Coleman said the sinkhole measures about 6 feet deep and 4 feet in circumference.

Coleman said that while sinkholes are common, it is less common to see them form in streets.

Coleman said the construction techniques used in the culvert on South Main Street was prone to failure. He estimated that the culvert was likely built over 60 years ago.

Despite the failed joint, Coleman said the culvert remains structurally sound.

“There’s nothing wrong with the structure itself,” Coleman said. “Just the joints were bad.”

Coleman said the street department is already working on making repairs. He expects the repairs to take approximately two weeks.

A press release by the Warrensburg Department of Public Works urges people to take an alternate route.

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