UCM podcast brings comedy to current events

Each Saturday, four UCM students can be seen and heard on a podcast titled “Orange Soda,” a rambling chat about music, politics and life. 

Stephen Holstine, a 20-year-old sophomore Communication Studies student, began a production company called Pretty Sweet Media out of which the “Orange Soda Podcast” emerged. 

“Orange Soda” launched last fall and the content is different each week. Holstine said he plans on using Pretty Sweet Media to include album reviews, interviewing people at concerts and doing funny gags. 

“Pretty Sweet Media is a way for my friends and I to be creative and have fun,”  Holstine said.

 Holstine is joined by both longtime friends and new collaborators he met through the show. Joining Holstine in the studio are Seth Harvey, Paige Mckinsey and Eiden Ragus. These four are the primary hosts. Two DMP majors, Zac Crane and Nick Precht, operate camera and board while Isaiah Killinger helps behind the scenes. 

“I’ve been interested in making videos for awhile, so the podcast was a convenient way to fulfill that,” Ragus said. 

The Orange Soda Podcast wants to keep their viewers surprised each week with what they are talking about and hopes it keeps people coming back for more. 

“At this point in the show, in its development, we’re just throwing our ideas at the wall,” he said. “So it’s something new every week. Eventually the hope is you try out enough ideas and you find something that works and that your audience connects to. So the more that we can experiment while our following is still small, I think the better our show can be in the long-run.” 

This semester marks the second season of the podcast. The group records every Wednesday and then they releases the episodes on Saturdays at noon. The podcast can be found on Youtube, Spotify, Apple Podcast, Amazon and Anchor FM by searching Pretty Sweet Media.

Find Pretty Sweet Media on Facebook and Twitter under @prettysweetm.

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