UCM students build their music career

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Isaac Barkley, music technician major, and Vernon Percy Howard III, digital media production major, have started a music career together here at UCM.

They have produced multiple pop/hip hop songs that can be found on iTunes/Apple Music and Spotify with the artist name “IKE & VP3.”

Through UCM, Barkley was able to get a high-profile internship at a studio called Reach Records in Atlanta, Georgia. He said by having the connections he made through the internship, it could help their music career in the future.

VP said by performing in Kansas City, he was found by a band called New Black City, and has been touring many different states and cities since last year.

VP said their goal is to be so successful in their career that music would be their full-time job.

“The end goal is to not have to have a job,” he said. “We want to be rockstars.”

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Pat Smithson

Great feature, congrats on your accomplishments of covering students that are achieving while still here on campus.


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