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WMMC earns heart attack designation

Western Missouri Medical Center recently was awarded a special heart attack designation.

The hospital was named a level three ST-elevation myocardial infarction, or STEMI Center, according to a press release.

With this designation, WMMC has received its third and final designation of the Missouri Emergency Medical Care Time Critical Diagnosis System: Level three Center for Stroke, Trauma and STEMI, according to the release.

“These designations are a testament to the significant strides our team has made towards improving emergency care,” said Darinda Reberry, WMMC president and chief executive officer. “Being able to provide potentially life-saving treatment to area patients quickly instead of spending crucial time traveling to the city for care is our top priority. I’m truly proud of the dedication and passion of all those who helped achieve this milestone.”

Missouri’s TCD system is designed to provide quicker response when a patient experiences a time-critical emergency, according to the release.

It brings together the 911 response system, ambulance services and hospitals in a more efficient approach to enhance survival rates and heighten a person’s chance of recovering from trauma, stroke or a heart attack.

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