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UCM Art Gallery opens three new exhibits

(WARRENSBURG, Mo.) – The University of Central Missouri Gallery of Art and Design is a busy place during the fall and spring semesters.

Three new exhibits will open Sept. 25 with a reception from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Sept. 26. They will include a selection of lithographs from the Lawrence Lithography Workshop in the outer gallery, an exhibition of photography during protests in the main gallery and a science fiction illustration in Gallery 115.

Christian Cutler, the gallery director said the gallery contains three spaces for art.

“Essentially there are three spaces that make up the Galley of Art and Design. The outer gallery is the space you walk into right out of the atrium of the Art Center,” Cutler said. “The larger main gallery (is) in the back and then down and across the hall is Gallery 115, which is a more experimental space.”

The main gallery will feature an exhibit called the “Poetry of Protest.” The gallery is collaborating with the American Democracy Project at UCM for Constitution Week. Photos in this room will be from protests that professor of music, Michael Bersin and professor Emeritus Jerry Schmidt have photographed in the region and outside of the Midwest.

In Gallery 115, the department is bringing back former adjunct professor Jeff Porter to display the drawings he completed for a science fiction card game. “The Art of Xenofera” will feature more than 50 of his illustrations.

The gallery starts the school year off with the faculty exhibition every year. This showcases the Department of Art and Design studio artists, art educators, designers, illustrators, animation -everything that is taught in the department is in the exhibit.

“The faculty show is a great way to find out what your professors of art and design have been doing for the last year,” he said.

The exhibition opened Aug. 17 and closed Sept. 16.

Some of the faculty art speaks to professor’s lives outside of school. For example, Cutler said professor of graphic design and illustration Allison Kerek, who recently became engaged, displayed her animated illustration consisting of a woman spinning in different wedding dress designs, and each time the woman turned the dress changed.

“It’s really neat to see artwork that is created that has a lot to do with exactly what the artist is doing, thinking, feeling, et cetera,” Cutler said.

During the faculty show, one of the first noticeable pieces was a pile of insulin pumps created by professor Mick Luehrman.

“Those are collected from his son needing insulin and being diabetic,” Cutler said. “It just makes for a really interesting, beautiful object when all piled together.”

Austin Guyett, a freshman studio art in sculpting major, said professor Matthew Zupnick’s sculpture, titled “Simply,” was his favorite because it was made out of screws, and felt it was a unique piece.

At the end of each semester, the gallery hosts the senior show. Andrea Simon, senior studio art major with an emphasis in painting, is scheduled to have her show in spring 2018.

“My preparation for senior show has been not only all of my time here at UCM, but really my entire life -past, present and future -up until the work that will be installed,” Simon said.

She said her ideas begin as concepts then develop into images and materials that communicate an idea.

“A looming deadline always creates pressure, which for me makes a lot of great things happen in the studio,” Simon said.

She said Professor Cutler is great to work with.

“He is very flexible and allows young artists the chance to experience professional situations,” she said.

The art gallery is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday and noon to 4 p.m. on Saturday.

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